If you are building or refurbishing a bathroom then trying to come up with the perfect design can seem daunting. There are many factors you need to consider; from the overall look to individual features such as baths and sinks. While everyone’s concept of the perfect bathroom will vary, there are some tips you can follow that will help you to pick the right elements. Here are our top tips for bathroom design ideas for your home.


Decide on Your Layout

The first thing you need to consider when looking at bathroom design ideas is the overall layout. Your bathroom needs to be functional as well as attractive, so you need to understand how each element works together. If your current bathroom layout works well, then you may only need to replace the existing fittings where needed. Otherwise, you will need to draw up a new floorplan with the help of a designer in order to create the best layout.


Find Your Style

Once you have decided on your layout and all components to include, you should next think about the style. Do you prefer a modern look or one that is more traditional? For example, traditional bathroom styles tend to inspire elements with more decorative and ornate features to create a more classical look. On the other hand, modern bathroom elements tend to favour more “clean” shapes with defined angles and curves. In the end, the style you choose will dictate your choice of sanitary ware and fittings.


Choose Your Sanitary Ware

Once you have added layout and style to your list of bathroom design ideas, it is time to choose your sanitary ware. What sort of bath do you need? A standard rectangular bath is best for efficient space usage, while a freestanding tub can add a touch of luxury. Do you need a separate shower or can you combine it with your bath? Perhaps you would prefer turning your bathroom into a wet room with additional waterproofing? By using your layout and style as a guide, you can select the furniture you need to create your perfect bathroom.


Quality Flooring and Wall Tiles

With your bathroom furniture sorted out, the next things to consider are the flooring and wall tiles. Flooring should be practical as well as attractive, so it is best to go with flooring that is slip resistant and durable. Porcelain, vinyl and rubber are good choices, as well as treated wood and sealed stone. For wall tiles, you will need an option designed for bathrooms as they will be water resistant. There are also many tile colour schemes and designs available, so choosing what best matches your style should be a breeze.



While often overlooked, lighting should be an integral part of all bathroom design ideas. Your lighting scheme should be flexible so that it is bright enough for shaving or grooming, yet able to create a relaxing ambience for bathing. Some lighting to consider includes task lighting around mirrors, accent lighting for highlighting furniture, and dimmer switches for ambience. Make sure that all lighting is installed by a qualified electrician and suitable for bathroom use.


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