If you're redesigning a bedroom, the chances are that you are after more space. After all, an open and roomy bedroom is a much more relaxing place to be. But, your bedroom also needs to have enough storage options to hold clothes and valuables. You could consider investing in a new freestanding wardrobe. This will certainly create more space to keep clothes, but large freestanding furniture can often be too obstructing, and there are better ways to redesign your bedroom. A fitted, built-in wardrobe is one way you can strike the perfect balance between space and storage.

The Benefits of Built In Wardrobes

Reduce Wasted Space

When it comes to laying out your bedroom, it’s important to ensure that there’s plenty of room around the bed. But during a redesign, you may find that freestanding furniture is getting in the way. This is where the space-saving power of built-in wardrobes can help. Built to your measurements, these wardrobes make use of every inch of awkward space, so that no part of your room goes to waste. You’ll find your room feeling roomier, airier and lighter.

Designed Around Your Needs

As the wardrobe is designed around your needs, you can choose the exact interior layout. Whether you’d like more hanging rails for clothes, shelves for towels, or space for shoes, bespoke designers can make it happen.

You’ll find this same freedom also applies to a range of other integrated features. You have the option to incorporate LED lighting, which could be fitted under the shelves or overhead. Or, you could choose to fit plug sockets, allowing your wardrobe to house a range of electrical items. This can help you turn the wardrobe space into a bespoke dressing area, a perfect place to get ready for an evening out!

Compliment Your Style

A built in wardrobe can hold plenty of features on the inside, but the outside will also impress. Any bespoke wardrobe design will perfectly complement your existing bedroom decor. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional style in your bedroom, your built in wardrobe will look like it belongs there.


Bespoke Built In Wardrobes from Box Interiors

Finally, a bespoke, built in wardrobe offers unbeatable quality and longevity. If you choose to work with Box Interiors, you could opt for quality features like soft-close hinges and hidden drawers. And to top it all off, we will bring your bespoke bedroom design to life using only the finest materials.

It’s clear that built in wardrobes have a lot more to offer than ready-made, freestanding furniture. So, if you’re after bespoke design, you’ll want to work with designers and manufacturers you can trust. This is where Box Interiors can help. Our expertise helps us bring the best bedroom furniture and fitted wardrobes into homes across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London.

If you’re interested in bespoke bedroom furniture, get in touch with us today. Or, why not pay a visit to our showroom in Shefford? We have the expertise, contacts and skill to bring your bedroom dreams to life.