Bedroom design ideas may differ from person to person, but we all have the same aspiration: a dream bedroom. However, translating the image in your head into a bespoke boudoir can be challenging for some! There's absolutely nothing wrong with buying furniture 'off the shelf', but it may mean you have to compromise on your dream.

Here at Box Interiors we don't believe in compromises. If you have a vision in mind for your bedroom, we see no reason why you shouldn't have it. Our team of expert craftsmen draw on years of experience, comprehensive certification, and a keen eye for detail to make it happen exactly as you picture it. From custom-built integral wardrobes to illuminated storage, the sky is the limit! So read on to discover more about turning your bedroom design ideas into your dream bedroom.

Your Bespoke Dressing Room

Your bedroom is not only for sleeping in. Think about it- it's also the place where you spend time preparing for the day or getting ready for an evening out. Fitted wardrobes and bespoke furniture can turn your bedroom into the dressing room you've always dreamed of.

Contemporary bedroom design ideas incorporate luxury as standard, and a bespoke dressing room is the perfect expression of that. The lighting will be fantastic, and you can have as many mirrors as you need in whatever size you want. One of the joys of bespoke furniture is that combination of comfort, convenience, and style, all built around you and your exact requirements.

Use of Clever Storage

Some bedroom design inspiration revolves around luxury, but others on simply making life easier. A cluttered bedroom is not a relaxing bedroom, and bespoke furniture for storage provides the perfect solution.

When everything has a place, you know exactly where to find it, creating a tranquil environment. From racks and pull out drawers for shoes, to safe storage for jewellery or watches, you can choose what you need.

Fitted wardrobes can be designed to your exact requirements and are available in a variety of different styles. Whether you are looking for something classic or contemporary, our bespoke furniture is custom-built to blend in seamlessly, by professionals who love what they do.

Making the Most of Your Space

Sometimes, an otherwise unfortunate looking room simply needs a fresh perspective to get a whole new lease of life. Odd shapes, awkward corners and low ceilings will all be used to their best advantage with smart design. Your bedroom will not only be welcoming and relaxing, but practical and beautiful as well.

Bring Your Unique Style

When you choose bespoke furniture, you also benefit from an extensive choice of styles and finishes. From contemporary vinyl to traditional painted wood, you can select exactly the look you've been searching for.

Using bespoke furniture to bring your bedroom design ideas to life means your bedroom will be unique to you. It will look the way you want it to, and it will perfectly suit your needs. For most of us, that's the definition of a dream bedroom.

Let’s Make it Happen

Our personalised design services can create that dream bedroom for you in your very own home. If you're feeling inspired to revamp your bedroom, get in touch with the Box Interiors team today for more information. Alternatively, to have a chat with us in person about your vision, or the services we offer, don’t hesitate to come on down to our showroom!